Steam Controller!

To go along with the steam machines I covered in my last post. Valve, in the Valve week of announcements announced a steam controller. Which in combination with steam machines and steam os will attempt to bring steam P.C gaming to the living room.There has been some debate over if it will succeed or not. Personally, I think it will. The steam box’s with there many models for different people, and the steam controller with it’s (in my opinion) revolutionary design, and a solid, stable, and good-looking, steam os. Now onto the actual controller. It’s meant to feel like a cross between a conventional controller, and a mouse and keyboard. And the touch screen in the middle is, I think, a great idea. And to make the trackpads, (which replace joysticks on the controller.) feel more “physical” they added advanced “Haptic Feedback” which, “Delivers in-game information about speed, boundaries, thresholds, textures, action confirmations, or any other events about which game designers want players to be aware.” They are “Small, strong, wieghted electro-magnets that are attached to each of the controllers track-pads.” I think it will go well with the steam machines. Can’t wait for them to come out. Sorry this is kind of incomplete, but you can only make the articles so long on wordpress. And also, sorry if there’s typos or anything, I’m just starting the blog and I’m only 12 so cut me some slack!

Finally A SteamBox! (kind of)

Well, it’s what we’ve all been waiting for, and it’s finally almost here. Almost every gamer has been waiting for valve to announce the highly anticipated steambox. A system that can play all the P.C games with the same performance as a P.C. But finally in the living room. And last month, they announced it, kind of. It’s actually (like many rumors that have been going around, kind of like Half-Life 3.) going to be several different Steam Machines made by several different company’s. Which, I don’t think is such a bad idea. It will give an option for everybody. And get console gamers introduced to P.C gaming. Which, in my opinion, is superior to consoles. I, on one hand will be definitely buying when it comes out. I will be doing an article on all three announcements made by valve. The link to the valve steam machine page will be bellow.


The Elder Scrolls Online!

I’m sure if your reading this blog, you’ve heard of The Elder Scrolls Online. The latest installation of the elder scrolls series. After the recent announcement that ESO would have a subscription based business model, rather than free to play, most elder scrolls fans completely shuned Bethesda for the decision. I did to, until I read an article that kind of explained the logic behind the decision. A free to play model, is, free to play, but, and its a big but, in free to play games there are usually tons of extra things that say, cost $5 each. If you are really into the game, you’d probably spend more than the current $15 monthly fee, so it actually wasn’t a smart business move, but it is good for the players.

You can read the full article here.

I think I’ll give Bethesda the benefit of the doubt and give them a thumbs up for now.


First Post!

This is my first post! Welcome to The Whiterun Chronicles! (Whiterun, btw, is a town from the elder scrolls v: skyrim.) This blog will be my opinions about various games, and video game news. I’ll also kind of endorse and repost from some youtube channels and blogs. I’ll post once a day usually, So I hope you like my blog!